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Flower essences are wonderful for emotional releases. They are created from flower energy. Each flower has a different energy. Perhaps you suffer from a dead end job, anxiety, lost, yearning for a break through, trust issues, etc. Flower essences are very helpful in a noninvasive way to release the emotional bond that is holding you back. This is not a quick fix and you won’t see changes overnight.

Note: These are not essential oils. Keep reading.

Changes are subtle and sometimes different than you expect. Flower essences know what needs to changes in order for change to occur in our lives. Be open to those changes.

If you need a consultation to help you discern which flower essence to charge, see here.

If you don’t need me to tell which flower essence you want, you can buy one at $25.00

If you bought a particular flower essence at least 2 times, I need to check you to see if you need a new flower essence.

All flower essences are bottled in amber glass with glass dropper. Here are the ones listed in this listing.

Apple: Taking care of ourselves. Self-nurturing and well being.

Aster: Illumination and Inspiration to put you on the right path

Borage: Bringing more joy and playfulness into your life

Comfrey: Healing past pain

Daffodil: Listening to the messages to become our true selves.

Dandelion: Abundance, Resiliency and getting rid of old beliefs.

Forsythia: Self Connection and Transformation.

Lavender: Calm and Serenity for Mental Clarity and Balance

Lilac: Remembering the past to access joy. Alternatively, supporting the painful past to move on.

Nasturtiums: Breaking old patterns so that you can soar.

Rose: Receiving love when we need it the most

Violet: Open Your Heart Again

If you want a combination of any of the below or other flower essences, I can make you a dosage bottle, which would incorporate up to 5 different flower essences. Just ask for a custom order. I have over 300 flower essences from my garden.

Ingredients: 50% organic brandy or organic vodka, 50% spring water, flower essence

Directions: 2 drops in the morning and 2 drops at night under your tongue. Before taking think of the healing you want before taking the drops. Tap the bottom of the bottle 7 times with your palm to wake up the essence to you. Then take the drops. You must tap each time you take the drops.

Take for a month or more. Stop if your healing has occurred.

You can dilute in liquid if you don’t like the taste of brandy or vodka. It is a preservative for the water.

Please check with your medical doctor or holistic provider before using this product especially if you are nursing, pregnant or have any health related problem.

I adore making flower essences. As I mentioned above, I have over 300 flowers in my garden during the gardening season. Just ask if you don’t see what you want.

Not only are flowers beautiful to look at and smell, they contain a vibration which heals emotional stagnation. Flowers are soak in spring water and the sun helps to impart their vibration imprint in the water.

In addition, check with your physician or holistic providers before using any flower essence especially if you are pregnant or nursing.

The statements made in this description have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnosis, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

In the cart comments, please let me know which one you want. Or contact me before your sale so I know which one you want.


About the seller: The Naked Botanical is a certified organic herb farm. We grow and make herbal teas, salves, hydrosols, simple syrups, ginger shots, elderberry tonics, and herbal salt blends. About 90% of the ingredients are grown by us on our farm. Our packaging is sustainable too!  We don't add an artificial or natural flavors to our products.  We let our herbs speak for themselves.  What you can expect from our products is a unique experience of farm fresh taste, feel or smell.   Come explore the naked difference.

  Clean, Non-Toxic Ingredients    Cruelty Free    Eco-Friendly    Fair Trade    Handmade    Made in USA  

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