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NOTE: This is more like a juice rather than a syrup. Even when I made it with honey it was more like a juice.

We packed in the berries!

The juice of at least 1/2 of pound of elderberries in one bottle. Super concentrated with magical elderberries. The only water we use is to steam the berries. No water down stuff on our watch.

We love everything elderberry. It is such a hearty plant. We have a mom and a daughter plants which are literally 10 feet tall. We just planted 20 grandbaby plants from the mom daughter duo and 10 cousin plants.

About Our Ingredients

Our 9.37 ounce certified organic elderberry tonic is different than most because ours is shelf stable and we don’t use honey. Products that use honey have to be refrigerated even before you purchase it. Ours can sit in your cabinet for a year before you use it. However, you should use it within 6 months because we feel the flavor starts to diminish.

So, Instead we used locally grown certified organic US maple syrup to sweeten this bitter berry. Then we add some organic certified TNB’s grown ginger and turmeric because you know we love ginger and who doesn’t love turmeric? Then we add some organic certified cinnamon with a dash of organic certified lemon juice. Our elderberries are certified organic too.

Note: When we exhausted our own elderberry supply, we only buy certified organic frozen elderberries. We never use dried elderberries. Why, you might ask? We dried ours in the past and saw how much juice was left on the drying sheets, which compromises how much true elderberry juice you are actually receiving in your products. You need water to reconstitute the dried berries. So how much is elderberry and how much is water in other company’s products?

Since then we only use frozen elderberries. We freeze our own elderberries because we don’t harvest our ginger and turmeric until October which is 3 months after our elderberry season.

We also use just the right amount of water to steam the elderberries so you don’t receive a water down product. Our product is super concentrated with elderberry. We use about 1/2 of a pound of elderberries to create one bottle.


Certified Organic Elderberries, Certified Organic Maple Syrup, Certified Organic Fresh Ginger, Water Certified Organic Fresh Turmeric, Certified Organic Cinnamon, Certified Organic Lemon Juice,


55 Servings.


What do you get?

A smooth delicious vegan tonic not only good for your body but so delicious on pancakes, ice cream, and in seltzer. Did we mention sangria? It is on a little of the tart side since we don’t believe in adding too much sugar.

Everyone who drinks it complains they can’t just take a tablespoon. They want more since it is so delicious.

Shipping Extra Cost

Because of the glass, shipping is very expensive. We added $2 to the price to make up for the shipping cost.


That is slippery discussion. We think of our tonic as just good for your body similar to how people love apple cider vinegar or prune juice. Or an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Elderberry is a food. A wonderful purple berry. And yes, folk traditions have used elderberry as an immune modulator to keep your immune system humming. According to an article in Healthline, “… elderberry is a flavorful addition to a healthy diet and good source of vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants.”

We can’t tell you dosage because that would mean our tonic would be an herbal supplement and we aren’t comfortable with that. Herbal supplements are defined as any company that makes structural claims about how their product affects the body such as a product will help you sleep. However, they can’t claim that they will cure any disease such as sleep apnea.

The FDA has strict rules for companies who make supplements. Big companies can afford to adhere to all the requirements. We aren’t the type of company to wing it and hope we don’t get caught. Our integrity and trust is everything.

Plus, we are not medical doctors and don’t know the right dosage for your weight and height or your condition. There isn’t a universal dosage that has been agreed upon.

Worse yet, so many companies differ and tell you anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon. And do they really know how much elderberry you are exactly getting in each teaspoon or tablespoon? You need expensive lab tests to tell you how much elderberry is in a tablespoon or teaspoon of a given product. It is kind of like the elderberry wild west out there.

I think if you treat elderberry like a food and take a teaspoon or tablespoon whenever you want, your body will be happy. Remember food is makes a body strong. Don’t forget to eat your leafy greens too. (Remember to talk to your medical professional when consuming anything herbal. See our disclaimer below.)

Our serving size is based upon if you are an adult and if you wanted to add to it to a drink, yogurt, or your favorite tea. The FDA just requires us to list a serving size.

Servings: 1 Teaspoon. Or make it into a drink using 1 ounce of tonic to 7 ounces of seltzer or tonic water.

Disclaimer: Please check with your health care provider if you can take this product with any health conditions or medication as well as when you have virus like COVID-19. If you are nursing or pregnant or you are giving it to a child, please consult a physician.

Some Bedside Reading:

Great article that gives you a lot of information about elderberry https://www.verywellhealth.com/elderberry-for-cold…


About the seller: The Naked Botanical is a certified organic herb farm. We grow and make herbal teas, salves, hydrosols, simple syrups, ginger shots, elderberry tonics, and herbal salt blends. About 90% of the ingredients are grown by us on our farm. Our packaging is sustainable too!  We don't add an artificial or natural flavors to our products.  We let our herbs speak for themselves.  What you can expect from our products is a unique experience of farm fresh taste, feel or smell.   Come explore the naked difference.

  Clean, Non-Toxic Ingredients    Cruelty Free    Eco-Friendly    Fair Trade    Handmade    Made in USA  

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