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Blueberry Lemon Shrub – Herbal Infused Drinking Vinegar – Cocktail and Mocktail Mixer

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A fruit shrub (aka drinking vinegar) can trace it’s roots back to American colonial days and we use many of the same processes our ancestors did when producing this delightful mixture of sweet and tart. Using small batch practices, every single piece of our sun-ripened fruit is lovingly harvested from our orchids and processed with minimal, natural ingredients because we believe your family deserves the same delicious delights our family has enjoyed for years on our little farm. These ingredients are integrated over a period of time (several weeks), resulting in a sensory delight of acidity, tartness and sweetness – all found in just one sip.

Our Blueberry Lemon Shrub is a delicious combination of fresh, ripe blueberries with the refreshing citrus flavor of lemon. Sipping on our Blueberry Lemon Shrub is a good way to quench your thirst and cleanse your palate. This refreshing shrub can be used as a daily health tonic that is said to do wonders for your digestive system and increased vitality. Mix our blueberry lemon shrub with sparkling water for a beautiful non-alcoholic drink or combine it with gin or ginger beer for a party cocktail. One of our favorite ways to use our Blueberry Lemon Shrub is to combine one part shrub and three parts oil for a vinaigrette. We use this vinaigrette on fresh arugula salad with blueberries, brie and Brazil nuts – yummy!! This shrub is delicious as a glaze or marinade for chicken or vegetables of all kinds. There are so many ways to savor this sweet tart combination and we have included several recipes in the photos.


About the seller: Boondock Enterprises is our "Farm to Table" family business of homemade jam and jelly, herbal dips and teas, artisan coarse ground mustard and so much more. We are a small family run farm in north central Minnesota and have a hand in every process of making our products. Our belief is in simple, authentic farm practices without using chemicals, pesticides and other "stuff" to do what has been done for centuries. Why mess with what works?


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