14 goods to make your Valentine’s Day full of heart

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you’re celebrating with a special someone, your best pals, or indulging in some self-love, we’ve curated the perfect gift guide to make this Valentine’s Day and future romantic evenings truly extraordinary and heart-felt.

1. A funny love card

2. Sustainable, heart earrings and jewelry

3. Festive, heart garland that you can make

4. A simple way to pamper yourself or your friends

5. Beautiful gold jewelry

6. Custom, anniversary date home decor

7. Put your favorite person’s face on socks

8. Make it an experience by creating chocolate truffles

9. A romantic, clay heart candle to set the mood

10. Cute, heart shaped bowls for everyday

11. Make sushi night fancy with this serving set


12. A charcuterie board to serve anything with a special touch


13. Get this Mojito mix for flavorful drinks

14. A romantic blend of tea

20 winter farmer’s market picks

While winter often blankets traditional farmers’ markets in snow, our virtual doors stay wide open, inviting you to explore and savor the richness from the spirit of harvest. You’ll discover a wonderful variety of offerings from the comfort of your home—all sourced from dedicated farmers, growers, and artisans.

1. This fruity and tart blend of herbal tea

The warm, fruity notes will remind you of summer and this tea can be served both hot and cold.

2. Raw, unfiltered clover honey

A farmer’s market favorite is often honey! Blue Sage Farms is an excellent place for your unusual and delicious farm fresh honeys.

3. Naturally sweet fruit cider

Sweet Vine produces their juices with 100% muscadine grapes grown in North Carolina with no sugars or additives.

4. Southern spicy relish to give your food a kick

A true southern staple with limitless uses! Eat it like a salsa, put it on your greens, fish, roast, pork, chicken, or in your soups, chilis and stews.

5. Organically made gourmet mustard blend

Boondock Enterprises has some must try mustard flavors–be sure to visit their store to check out the others.

6. Delicious elderberry juice and topping

Elderberries are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that gives your body a much needed boost to your immune system.

7. Grow mushrooms at home (even in the winter!)

The shiitake mushroom responds very well to cold temperatures and many other types of mushrooms can be grown successfully indoors during the winter too.

8. A handmade snack board

Sassfras Originals creates unique home essentials by hand and upcycles much of their materials.

9. This floral tasting baked bread

Spring is right around the corner with this flower infused bread that is sure to be a hit.

10. Sample popcorn seasonings for movie nights

Why choose when you can get a set? Perfect for those cozy winter movie nights.

11. Add the smell of lilac to your drink

The scent of fresh flowers can perk up any cabin fever you might be experiencing.

12. A best selling, farm grown seasoning

This organic seasoning will remind you of fresh harvest with its bright scents.

13. Make your own oil infusion kit

Simply rehydrate the herbs and add olive oil to make your own Tuscan oil.

14. Taste this homemade jam or jelly

A customer favorite…, there are so many to choose from and they are all delicious.

15. Squeeze your own juices with this juicing lid

If you’re a proud DIYer, you must already have a mason jar around. Simply pop this on top and squeeze out fresh juice.

16. Cover your food bowls sustainably

Easily protect your food by utilizing these fabric covers made by fair trade artisans in Haiti.

17. This handmade, recycled bird feeder

Feeding birds isn’t just for the spring… feeding them in the winter can help them maintain their energy and fat levels to keep warm especially when food sources can be scarce.

18. A nutritious, natural sea moss

Sea moss is known as a good source of vitamins, minerals, omega-3, and fiber and a great food to include in any diet.

19. This creative DIY moss art

Moss can be a low maintenance, natural art display that are created using preserved moss and ferns. They require no watering and very little maintenance. This art piece can add brightness and greenery to your living space.

20. A cute tote bag to carry all of your goodies

Get ready for your next farmer’s market trip with this cute bright tote.

15 eco-friendly products anybody would need

In a world where sustainability is increasingly crucial, making eco-friendly choices isn’t just a trend—it’s a responsibility. Anybody can make simple changes towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle. We’ll explore 15 must-have eco-friendly products that seamlessly blend into daily life while making a significant impact on our planet.

1. A nice smelling soap bar

People often say that the biggest impact on their personal plastic waste has been switching to bar soap instead of using shower gel. A simple soap bar is often a gateway item that encourages people to be more eco-conscious.

2. This shampoo bar that considers hair type

Anybody can reduce waste by trading wasteful shampoo in plastic containers for shampoo bars. Many shampoo bars are made for specific hair types and are longer lasting than liquid alternatives.

3. Travel sized lotion bar in a tin can

Anybody can keep moisturizing on the go with more eco-friendly packaging. Made with beeswax, they contain less potential irritants and also last longer on the skin than traditional lotions.

4. Natural, laundry detergent soap

Soap or powdered laundry is a more eco-friendly option than gel and much cheaper than sheets, which may contain microplastics.

5. A set of wool dryer balls

Anybody can switch from dryer sheets by utilizing reusable wool dryer balls. Add a fresh scent by dripping some essential oil on them.

6. Dish detergent powder is the pick for less environmental impact

Bonus if it comes in non-plastic packaging!

7. Some reusable shopping bags to carry items


The best thing about this is that these textile bags are much better quality than plastic bags and won’t easily rip.

8. A reusable Swedish dishcloth to clean around the home

Swedish dishcloths are a reusable, compostable cloth that can be used to clean in place of paper towels and plastic sponges. They are incredibly absorbent and durable.

9. Gift a consumable in eco-friendly packaging

If you’re thinking about a present, consider giving something that can be zero waste and grown from the farm.

10. A biodegradable sponge

Replace plastic dish sponges that harbor bacteria with natural loofah sponges. Loofah sponges expand and soften with water and work like a typical dish sponge, but without the plastic waste. And yes, loofahs can be used on dishes too — they are soft enough not to scratch and have significant scrubbing power.

11. Cotton or other natural fiber shirts

Clothing made from natural fibers will biodegrade faster than synthetic fibers. Whenever possible, consider opting for organic fibers that have been less processed.

12. A set of durable cloth napkins

Reduce paper usage by changing to an eco-friendly, multiple-use option: cloth napkins. This could also be a fun DIY project to repurpose your current textiles.

13. Lovely scented candles instead of air fresheners

Improve air quality by using natural, non-toxic soy or beeswax candles and avoid paraffin wax, as it is a non-renewable resource.

14. Convert to refillable containers and products

We like that this pump can turn any mason jar into a refillable container. Head to your local store for a refill.

15. Support businesses that create upcycled, repurposed products

Many of the stores on Avoy, such as Sea Stones, are small businesses creating products from recycled materials and striving to maximize the potential of natural resources.

12 simple and thoughtful gifts that will bring a smile to someone special

The act of showing you care doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Small, thoughtful gifts or tokens of appreciation can often carry immense value. We’ve handpicked 12 affordable products serve as heartfelt ways to express care and consideration for the people who matter in your life.

1. A mushroom grow kit for the curious minded

This kit by Mycottera Farms is totally beginner friendly and anybody can grow edible mushrooms at home.

2. This yummy, flavorful cacao raw honey spread is a wonderful treat

Pearl Honey Spreads are a more nutritious alternative to sugar based spreads and are handmade.

3. These slick shades made from real wood

WUDN’s handmade retro classic is a timeless and winning style statement for the fashion and eco conscious.

4. A comforting salt soak at the end of a day

After a full day, a salt soak goes a long way to ease muscle crams and relieve stiffness. Rustic Strength’s epsom salt will readily degrade after use, so it is grey-water and septic-safe and rinse water is non-toxic to aquatic life.

5. A travel sized bath and body set for those always on the go

This natural, handmade set by Lizush is a great gift to bring along when away from home.

6. A brown sugar boba kit for the caffeine addicted (and their friends!)

This do-it-yourself kit by Food Craft NYC makes 5 servings so there will be more than enough to share!

7. A fragrant candle that will crack a smile whenever its lit

This soy based, non-toxic candle smells like butterbeer. The Burlap Bags makes a bunch of fun candles that are sure to be a hit.

8. A fancy, custom engraved charcuterie board

Make your gift extra special with some personalization. MaleyDesigns custom engraves these boards to your specification.

9. A card, just because you want to show some love

Gifts don’t have to be pricey. Send them a punny note from PersonalPaperHugs to tell them you’re thinking of them.

10. A handmade shampoo bar for more eco friendly hair care

Alright, many people want to try a shampoo bar to move away from the unsustainable packaging that most shampoo products include. This simple, eco friendly bar handmade by Stoney River is a great place to start. They also have some great gift sets if you want to include more.

11. This organic skin gift set for those dry winter days

Handmade by Glimmer Goddess with 100% non-toxic, organic ingredients to encourage self care.

12. A practical, everyday salve for those outdoor ouchies

This all natural salve helps with bug bites and even poison ivy and is made from the Naked Botanical farms. This is definitely a gift to demonstrate that you care.

44 affordable products to get you in a great holiday mood

The holiday season is just around the corner, and there’s no better time to start getting into the festive spirit. Maybe you need a kick start to your holiday season or find ways to bring you some joy throughout. These products can can help you get cozy, decorate your home, host gatherings, or simply enjoy some notes of the season and are sure to get you in a great holiday mood.

1. These delicious spreads will make your taste buds cheer

Cranberry apple and gooseberry jelly make the perfect holiday flavor. It’s yummy to use on leftover turkey sandwiches, or entertain with a baked brie. Our sellers make these fresh from the farm.

2. Wonderfully scented holiday candles will give you that warm and cozy feeling of the season

Store: Boondock Enterprises

Fall and Christmas Soy Candles - Choose From 9 Seasonal Scents - American Soy Wax - Holiday 16 oz Jar Candle Gift from Boondock Enterprises

List the candle scents you would like included in your order. Our list of scents can be found in the

Choose from a variety of scents from our handmade sellers such as Santa’s Hot Coco and Frosted Pine. These are sure to spread the aroma of the holidays around the home.

3. Share some laughs with these funny (and inappropriate) holiday cards

We all need some laughter around the holidays. How about sharing some of that witty sarcasm with these fun cards designed by Personal Paper Hugs?

4. Personalize your Christmas ornaments for truly special decorating

Make your Christmas extra special with custom ornaments to remember. Mayley Designs has a boat load of cute, personalized ornaments and everything is made to order.

5. These faith based jewelry will make you rejoice in the festivities

Keep your holiday cheer near with these lovely faith based jewelry from Vi Bella. Your purchase supports artisans and communities in Haiti and Mexico.

6. Add a dash of traditional faith to your ornament collection

Homestyle Charlie’s handmade ornaments are made with lead-free solder, using the copper foil method of construction and constructed to last many more years.

7. A new mug to pour yourself a hot drink and a coaster to keep that drink hot

Store: Sea Stones

Cozy Coffee Coaster - Hot Stone Mug Warmer

Our hot stone mug warmer makes the perfect Cozy Coffee Coaster.

Seriously, what is the holidays without a warm mug? Checkout these incredible handmade sellers.

8. Warm teas to savor during those cozy moments by the fireplace

Keep things new and try some of these awesome teas curated by our resident organic tea experts.

9. Crochet your own piece of the holidays with these amazing kits with everything included

Okay, you might be spending more time indoors but you can still have a great time with these eco-friendly crochet kits. They come with wool yarn, organic cotton stuffing, and metal tools all packaged in reusable and recyclable cardboard packaging.

10. A throw blanket for cuddling and watching holiday movie classics

These artisanal, handmade blankets give you that fuzzy feeling and comfort knowing everything was made with sustainable materials.

11. Become a Swedish dish cloth convert and help save the environment


Reusable Swedish Dishcloth, Eco-Friendly, Hygienic, Designer Cleaning Sponge Cloth - Evergreen

Go Green with Swedish Dishcloth - The Eco-Friendly Reusable Alternative to Paper Towels Creating an eco-friendly home doesn't have to be

Reusable Swedish Dishcloth, Eco-Friendly, Hygienic, Designer Cleaning Sponge Cloth - Holiday Truck

Go Green with Swedish Dishcloth - The Eco-Friendly Reusable Alternative to Paper Towels Creating an eco-friendly home doesn't have to be

Consider replacing your paper towel usage and choose an easier, eco-friendly way to clean. Not only do they dry quickly, but they are ultra-absorbent and long-lasting. Check out these cute designs by YAY NOVELTY.

12. Countdown to Christmas with these fun activities perfect for kids

This is the perfect way to treat the kids… or yourself to some fun while waiting for Christmas day!

13. Decorate, decorate, and decorate some more

Bring joy into your home with these decorations made by prioritizing people and the environment.

14. Make holiday food and get your snack on

Alright, back to the eats that we can share with our loved ones. Made with natural ingredients you can actually pronounce and good for the body.

15. A whimsical way to serve your food and snacks

Delight yourself and your guests in another way by serving on these incredible platters.

16. An alcohol free cider to drink whenever you want

Store: Sweet Vine

Muscadine Cider - 2 Pack

25.4 Fl. Oz. Bottles Pure Pressed Apples No Sugar Added No Preservatives Welcome to a world where the rich heritage of the South meets
Store: Sweet Vine

Apple Cider - 2 Pack

25.4 Fl. Oz. Bottles Pure Pressed Apples No Sugar Added No Preservatives Welcome to a world where the crispness of freshly picked apples and

Cider is a treat you’ll have to sip this holiday. Try these amazing drinks made from the Sweet Vine farm and shipped to your doorstep.

17. Funny wine bottle gift tags to spread some holiday humor

These cheeky gift tags are a perfect addition to wine for any holiday gathering.

18. Peppermint to give your mind and body an extra boost

The aroma of peppermint can boost memory, increase alertness, and decrease the feelings of frustration, anxiety and fatigue. What’s more is that these products are made with clean, non-toxic ingredients.

19. Handmade soap leaves you with the scent of Christmas wherever you go

What is more Christmas than the smell of wreaths and pine trees? Both Stoney River and Caron Co make these soaps by hand and guarantee you’ll stay fresh for the holidays.

20. Gift yourself because you’ve been good this year too

Alright alright, we know gift sets are usually presents for other people, but what’s keeping you from pampering yourself too? Fyve and Lizush put your wellness first by offering a variety of clean ingredient spa gift sets.

21. Unique candle holders to light up your space during the long winter nights

One of a kind home accessories crafted from sustainable materials from Gio Gio Designs.

22. Wellness products to take care of yourself this holiday season

Let’s be real… the holidays can be stressful. Remember to take care of yourself and your needs so you can enjoy the season.

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