Shipment Protection

Avoy’s Shipment Protection applies when a buyer doesn’t receive an item and tracking is available for the order.


  • You must complete payment for the purchase on
  • You must have an Avoy account to open a case
  • You must report this within 30 calendar days after the estimated or actual delivery/collection date has passed
  • There is evidence that delivery was not successful via the carrier
  • You must contact the seller first for either tracking information, delivery updates, or a replacement
  • You must respect our Community Guidelines

Avoy may cover buyer refunds for orders up to $100 on any case arising from an eligible order.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Carbon neutral shipping aims to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping products. Avoy offsets 100% of carbon emissions from shipping every delivery. We do this by funding initiatives to remove carbon already in the atmosphere.

Secure Payments

Our payment processing partner, Stripe, has been audited and certified as a PCI compliance Level 1 service provider, which means it has to undergo an annual compliance report and routine security scans and tests. Stripe encrypts all customers’ credit card numbers end to end. Also, Stripe mandates that all online transactions take place over the more secure HTTPS network which improves security. They use Machine Learning to detect and block fraud.

Recycling with Avoy

Plastic and other material waste is a key concern for Avoy and we want to prevent them from ending up in a landfill. We encourage you to utilize and support your local recycling programs as much as possible. If you find that you can’t recycle a product locally, Avoy enables all buyers who purchase a product from us to be able to recycle that product with Avoy at the end of its lifecycle.


  • You must purchase the product from and send us the order number and receipt
  • You must have an Avoy account to begin the process
  • You agree to pay a standard fee that contributes to shipping and recycling the item

We work with our recycling partners to manually sort recyclables, reuse as much as possible, and get to zero waste.

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