Shopping for ethical products for your life should be simple.

Avoy was created because we believe living consciously enriches a deeper, more fulfilling life. We want to maximize good for others and the planet. Our purchases vote for a more sustainable world. We want to consider the full lifecycle of a product and its larger impact. That means lifting up fair wages over profits, eco-friendly materials over cheaper alternatives, and small-batch artisan craft instead of mass production.

The team at Avoy evaluates and chooses only brands that align with our mission to put people and our planet first. We look into our sellers’ business practices and how products are made, labor involved, materials used, and third party certifications. The goods available on our marketplace have been responsibly made and support independent small business. We carry a variety of affordable products and go beyond just any one “aesthetic” so you can find what you need to live your authentic, beautifully complex life. 

We're empowering small businesses to innovate for good in ways big corporations can't ... and won't.

Our sellers come up with creative product and packaging solutions that align to our marketplace values. We collectively share resources, such as marketing, to reach more people.

We're enabing and educating everyday people to purchase consciously.

We make brand values and business practices transparent to you. Our products are affordable to the average person and accessible to anybody in the US. We seek to enrich people's knowledge and expand their abilities with our freely available content.

We are planting a tree and cleaning plastics from oceans with every order through our charity initiatives.

We are taking actionable, concrete steps to reduce our carbon and plastic footprint and actively work to make our positive impact go further.

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Your purchases are a force for good. Let’s continue to be that positive change together!

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