15 eco-friendly products anybody would need

In a world where sustainability is increasingly crucial, making eco-friendly choices isn’t just a trend—it’s a responsibility. Anybody can make simple changes towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle. We’ll explore 15 must-have eco-friendly products that seamlessly blend into daily life while making a significant impact on our planet.

1. A nice smelling soap bar

People often say that the biggest impact on their personal plastic waste has been switching to bar soap instead of using shower gel. A simple soap bar is often a gateway item that encourages people to be more eco-conscious.

2. This shampoo bar that considers hair type

Anybody can reduce waste by trading wasteful shampoo in plastic containers for shampoo bars. Many shampoo bars are made for specific hair types and are longer lasting than liquid alternatives.

3. Travel sized lotion bar in a tin can

Anybody can keep moisturizing on the go with more eco-friendly packaging. Made with beeswax, they contain less potential irritants and also last longer on the skin than traditional lotions.

4. Natural, laundry detergent soap

Soap or powdered laundry is a more eco-friendly option than gel and much cheaper than sheets, which may contain microplastics.

5. A set of wool dryer balls

Anybody can switch from dryer sheets by utilizing reusable wool dryer balls. Add a fresh scent by dripping some essential oil on them.

6. Dish detergent powder is the pick for less environmental impact

Bonus if it comes in non-plastic packaging!

7. Some reusable shopping bags to carry items


The best thing about this is that these textile bags are much better quality than plastic bags and won’t easily rip.

8. A reusable Swedish dishcloth to clean around the home

Swedish dishcloths are a reusable, compostable cloth that can be used to clean in place of paper towels and plastic sponges. They are incredibly absorbent and durable.

9. Gift a consumable in eco-friendly packaging

If you’re thinking about a present, consider giving something that can be zero waste and grown from the farm.

10. A biodegradable sponge

Replace plastic dish sponges that harbor bacteria with natural loofah sponges. Loofah sponges expand and soften with water and work like a typical dish sponge, but without the plastic waste. And yes, loofahs can be used on dishes too — they are soft enough not to scratch and have significant scrubbing power.

11. Cotton or other natural fiber shirts

Clothing made from natural fibers will biodegrade faster than synthetic fibers. Whenever possible, consider opting for organic fibers that have been less processed.

12. A set of durable cloth napkins

Reduce paper usage by changing to an eco-friendly, multiple-use option: cloth napkins. This could also be a fun DIY project to repurpose your current textiles.

13. Lovely scented candles instead of air fresheners

Improve air quality by using natural, non-toxic soy or beeswax candles and avoid paraffin wax, as it is a non-renewable resource.

14. Convert to refillable containers and products

We like that this pump can turn any mason jar into a refillable container. Head to your local store for a refill.

15. Support businesses that create upcycled, repurposed products

Many of the stores on Avoy, such as Sea Stones, are small businesses creating products from recycled materials and striving to maximize the potential of natural resources.