12 simple and thoughtful gifts that will bring a smile to someone special

The act of showing you care doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Small, thoughtful gifts or tokens of appreciation can often carry immense value. We’ve handpicked 12 affordable products serve as heartfelt ways to express care and consideration for the people who matter in your life.

1. A mushroom grow kit for the curious minded

This kit by Mycottera Farms is totally beginner friendly and anybody can grow edible mushrooms at home.

2. This yummy, flavorful cacao raw honey spread is a wonderful treat

Pearl Honey Spreads are a more nutritious alternative to sugar based spreads and are handmade.

3. These slick shades made from real wood

WUDN’s handmade retro classic is a timeless and winning style statement for the fashion and eco conscious.

4. A comforting salt soak at the end of a day

After a full day, a salt soak goes a long way to ease muscle crams and relieve stiffness. Rustic Strength’s epsom salt will readily degrade after use, so it is grey-water and septic-safe and rinse water is non-toxic to aquatic life.

5. A travel sized bath and body set for those always on the go

This natural, handmade set by Lizush is a great gift to bring along when away from home.

6. A brown sugar boba kit for the caffeine addicted (and their friends!)

This do-it-yourself kit by Food Craft NYC makes 5 servings so there will be more than enough to share!

7. A fragrant candle that will crack a smile whenever its lit

This soy based, non-toxic candle smells like butterbeer. The Burlap Bags makes a bunch of fun candles that are sure to be a hit.

8. A fancy, custom engraved charcuterie board

Make your gift extra special with some personalization. MaleyDesigns custom engraves these boards to your specification.

9. A card, just because you want to show some love

Gifts don’t have to be pricey. Send them a punny note from PersonalPaperHugs to tell them you’re thinking of them.

10. A handmade shampoo bar for more eco friendly hair care

Alright, many people want to try a shampoo bar to move away from the unsustainable packaging that most shampoo products include. This simple, eco friendly bar handmade by Stoney River is a great place to start. They also have some great gift sets if you want to include more.

11. This organic skin gift set for those dry winter days

Handmade by Glimmer Goddess with 100% non-toxic, organic ingredients to encourage self care.

12. A practical, everyday salve for those outdoor ouchies

This all natural salve helps with bug bites and even poison ivy and is made from the Naked Botanical farms. This is definitely a gift to demonstrate that you care.